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Colinas de Garzón Bivarietal (500 ml)

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Colinas de Garzón exclusive quality, estate-bottled extra virgin olive oil from Uruguay. All Colinas de Garzón's oils are of extra virgin quality and have acidity of less than 0.2%.  The Bivarietal blend is made from arbequine and coratine olives.

BIVARIETAL Tasting remarks:
Pure yellow and mild fruity aroma, this bivarietal blend has a delicate smell of clover prairies. Soft but with character, resulting in a round and pleasant oil with a bitter scent on the palate and slightly pungent in the throat. It has a sweet end which transforms it into the best choice to enhance the flavor of foods. Ideal for green bitter-leaf salads, pasta and rice, as well as for white fish and hot vegetables.


The olives are grown, harvested and pressed on the Colinas de Garzón estate in Uruguay not far from Punta del Este, where the Atlantic Ocean meets fertile hills. The plantations are surrounded by the natural landscape of popular tourist areas and neighboring Garzón Lagoon, a pastoral and previously undiscovered spot.  Here, the company has been building a "little Tuscany", producing wines, meats, cheeses, honey and other sustainable products with inherited Italian flavors for gourmet palates.  This exclusive setting with the right sunlight and drainage offers the best environment possible for olive trees.

Postcards portray the charm of Garzón's idyllic setting.  The enclave was selected by the renowned chef Francis Mallmann, to establish Hotel & Restaurant Garzón, where he cooks exclusively with Colinas de Garzón extra virgin olive oil.

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