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About Us

At first, I didn’t want to believe it.  Extra virgin olive oil from Uruguay? But on each subsequent business trip I happened to encounter interesting bottles of EVOO in restaurants, stores and advertisements, and soon discovered the climate was amenable, the extremely fertile soils and right sunlight and cultural tradition supported a high-quality artisanal result (like other Uruguayan agricultural products).  But what convinced me was the taste, the freshness, the incredible notes of grass, green tomato, butter, pepper and mild astringency…and brilliant goodness.  Who knew that this place in South America of beautiful beaches, enchanting history, cosmopolitan people, rolling pastoral countryside and abundance of natural agriculture would grow olives like the Mediterranean?!

That’s when Uruguayan Sun was born.  Supporting Uruguay’s natural and sustainable approach, we went and met the farmers of these high-quality boutique EVOOs on their plantations.  All of our suppliers first-press and cold-process their harvest of healthy olives within hours of picking and have the products bottled right on premises, using the latest modern milling and processing equipment.  Great care and attention is paid by their engineers to assure conformity with Uruguayan EVOO standards (which are stricter than international ones), resulting in small-batch, superior products.  There is no mixing of their premium EVOOs with oils from other producers in Uruguay or abroad or lower grade olive oils or seed and other kinds of oil, as frequently occurs in the international markets. The only combinations are between varietals (like arbequine, coratine, picual, frantoio, barnea, etc) from the same plantation, to create balanced and delicious blends.  We regularly visit and stay in touch with our suppliers to assure continuation of these high standards of processing and production and discover new products and blends.




Uruguayan Sun, based in Miami, Florida, imports these premium Uruguayan EVOOs for US retailers, distributors, food service businesses and other wholesale outlets.  We also sell to the public online directly and via other online retailers. 

We welcome inquiries from all interested parties (click here) and look forward to convincing you of and enjoying with you the pristine qualities of extra virgin olive oil from Uruguay!