Your expert purveyor of all-natural extra virgin olive oils from Uruguay!

Estate-bottled extra virgin olive oil from Uruguay

All-natural, fresh and unadulterated, grown in special micro-climate olive groves, harvested and processed with love by family owners.

Enjoy the finest all-natural extra virgin olive oils

Hand-harvested varietals...

hand-harvested extra virgin olive oil Uruguay cold pressed artisanal
hand-harvested extra virgin olive oil Uruguay cold pressed artisanal

...using only the freshest olives

From rich green olive trees among the rolling hills of Uruguay... brisk but gentle harvesting at the season's peak...
...then swiftly to press, decantation and bottling right on the plantation.

Under the Uruguayan sky...

Welcome to a little-known corner of the gourmet world!

Uruguay's farmers are dedicated to raising their crops and livestock in the most natural and sustainable way possible; no GMO's, avoiding pesticides whenever possible and learning the organic way. Blessed with extremely fertile soil and conscientiously managed, it offers the world's best beef, excellent wines, top quality soy and wool and exciting New World delectables like caviar, quail eggs, ostrich and extra virgin olive oil.

Differing from Argentina and Chile, Uruguay is a country of small-scale, family-owned farms, plantations and wineries and is influenced by traditions inherited from strong Italian and Spanish roots. This influence and passion carries through to food production, cuisine and culture. 

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A small but beautiful country

Uruguay’s miles of gorgeous beaches, colonial cities, vast stretches of rolling countryside and diverse and rich agricultural regions make it the hidden gem of South America. Part of Uruguay’s charm is its cities and beach towns’ casual atmosphere and laid-back style with friendly and open people. Because of progressive social programs and a stable democracy, there is a high quality of life and the lowest level of corruption and poverty in South America.

In the temperate zone with a Mediterranean-like climate, Uruguay has the purest water in the continent and its 12 million cattle (outnumbering people by almost four to one) are grass-fed and free-range. Uruguay (which means “river of painted birds”) is considered one of the most environmentally sustainable countries in the world.